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But it’s just no fun
When you hate the person you’ve become

Bitter, lonely, and isolated, before I know it I’ll be an old maid

But I love love, yes I do
Even when its weight cripples you
It rolls on, rolls on

Dntel, “Roll On” (via feellng)
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I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.
Mark Twain (via feellng)
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Clearly the secret of happiness…is a variation on the general principle of banging your head against a wall, and then stopping.
Stef Penney (via teenager90s)
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I love you— I do— but I am afraid of making that love too important. Because you’re always going to leave me. We can’t deny it. You’re always going to leave.
David Levithan, Every Day (via feellng)
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Nothing can wear you out like caring about people.
S.E. Hinton, That Was Then, This Is Now (via feellng)
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i want 50

don’t let the balls touch, it’s too homo

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every medicine on the market is like

pros: you’ll stop coughing

cons: you might die

my favorite side effect warning is for antidepressants

pros: you won’t want to kill yourself

cons: you might want to kill yourself

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do you ever wonder how many people have had a crush on you and never told you

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what if cows moaned when you milked them

im so lonely

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Do you ever hear someone’s voice and kinda wanna fuck it

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